Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Below are examples of people's evaluations over the past few years. Look at what they include and how.
PLEASE aim to include some moving image in your evaluation. I will also be setting a couple of extra pieces in addition to the main evaluation task - be warned. EVALUATIONS NEED COMPELTING BY THURSDAY 3RD MAY

R really impressive and detailed evaluation: A2 Music Video Evaluation Another evaluation:
And another

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A2 Online Age Homework

Questions and mark schemes are herer (above).

Use the plan you did in lesson to answer the question (look at page 5 onwards for the mark scheme to give you extra support in creating the best answer possible).

Then, use the mark scheme to predict what score you think you got.
AAE /20
Egs /20
Terminology /10

Hand in (not blog post) Wednesday 21st March.

And this next bit to make sure you all have seen embedding in action...

Friday, 2 March 2012

AS Case Study Links

Below are, or will appear, a load of links to aid the development of your case studies. If your film isn't below yet, don't fret. There will be stuff for everyone. Half midnight so I'm not going to get to post things for everyone now, but I will do over the next few days. Some of these are the work of other A-Level candidates past and present so don't just lift it wholesale - use them for inspiration or gap filling.

EDIT: 01:01am, saving now for a little binary thrill as well as to make sure I don't lose all this. More to be added in a bit.

All - Extra revision pack


Bonded by Blood
The Business

Chatroom - Innovative use of digital media to reach audiences

Chalet Girl

Dorian Gray

Fivehundred Days of Summer

The Hangover

Hot Fuzz #1

I am Legend #1

The Inbetweeners #1
The Inbetweeners #2
The Inbetweeners Distribution and Marketing
The Inbetweeners Marketing
The Inbetweeners Convergence and Synergy

Juno #1
Juno #2

The King's Speech

Looking for Eric Advertising
Looking for Eric and British Audiences

Mr Bean's Holiday

The Runaways

Shaun of the Dead #1
Shaun of the Dead #2
Shaun of the Dead #3


Slumdog Millionaire


V for Vendetta #1
V for Vendetta, Sin City and Elektra
V for Vendetta and Technological Remediation
V for Vendetta #2

Watchmen Marketing
Watchmen Viral Marketing?
Watchmen Further Viral Marketing
Watchmen Convergence

Working Title Films