Thursday, 29 September 2011


Represetnation of gender question. DUE NEXT THURSDAY (yes, same day as your presentations - welcome to AS Level work loads).

Try not to watch the link too many times if you fancy giving yourself more of a challenge.

Representation presentation groups for THURSDAY presentation:
Age - Oliver and co
Gender - Umut and co
Sexuality - Harrys and co
Class and Social Status - Stevie and co
Regional Identity - Jess and co
Disability / Ability - Ben and co

Choose one or a range of BRITISH television dramas and present an analysis of how your given topic is represented. It will last at least ten minutes and will include video clips or still images. Please note: a ten minute video clip will not suffice - you want to find specific examples which illustrate your points. Still images are probably easier to deal with.

Monday, 26 September 2011

FIlm Case Study

Year 12. For Part B of the exam you will have to undertake a case study of how British and Hollywood films are  produced, marketed and exchanged.

It is vital that everyone conducts independent research as the chief examiner says there is a direct link between centres teaching specific films and lower attainment. Obviously I'll give you lessons on what to do but you'll then be taking the ideas and applying them to your own case studies.

It'll all make sense soon.

For those of you who visit this blog regularly, here is a link to a new British independent movie which will be in the news a lot in the coming months which you might want to use as one of your case study films.

No need to start researching it yet (haven't told you what you need to find out yet!) but worthwhile starting to think about British films.

Lots of interesting camera use. Including SNORRICAM!

A video with lots of interesting camera techniques.
Love the slightly rickety use of snorricam in places.
One of my dad's requested funeral songs. This is for whilst he is being cremated.
A modern techno/jazz fusion piece by Squarepusher. For musicians amongst you, he plays the bass part just as you hear it then adds the beats.

And the Presidents of the USA, Lump. Just because I can. And with all this Nirvana revivalism in the air I'm revisiting everything that reminds me of being 13.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Feature / Convention
To consider…
Conventional portrayal / use in your genre?Why?
How is it portrayed / used in a specific example?
Conforms to or subverts conventions?
How and why?
Use of the camera – movement, angle, shot type.
How video is lit.
Transition between shots and post-production alterations.
Setting, costume, props etc.
…of gender / sexuality / ethnicity / class / status.
Cultural references
What does it say about society? What values does it impart? What cultural knowledge is required to interpret the video?
Performance / narrative/ conceptual?
Viewer attention
How is the audience positioned and why?


Pciture of slide from today

A2 Videos

Sunday, 11 September 2011

History of good music videos

Useful. An entirely subjective list of the best music videos ever is here. It might give you a good starting point to look at how music videos have changed over the years.

Some videos by the almighty Pavement.

A2 - Media in an Online Age via OCR Pete

Pete takes you through the exam. remedmber, Pete rules. We like Pete. We, possibly, want him to be king.


I love snorricam. I also love the fact you can build your own. Anything that you can do for free of cheaply in this subject is mana from heaven.

Final Cut Pro

To get everyone off the ground, here is alink to the first part of a useful tutorial video in the use of Fincal Cut Pro on the Mac.

The OCR Media Studies specification for AS and A2 candidates.

Bookmark this, add it to your favourites, make sure you have this to hand at all times. This is everything you need to know about the course.

No need to thank me. Your adulation will suffice.