Thursday, 29 September 2011


Represetnation of gender question. DUE NEXT THURSDAY (yes, same day as your presentations - welcome to AS Level work loads).

Try not to watch the link too many times if you fancy giving yourself more of a challenge.

Representation presentation groups for THURSDAY presentation:
Age - Oliver and co
Gender - Umut and co
Sexuality - Harrys and co
Class and Social Status - Stevie and co
Regional Identity - Jess and co
Disability / Ability - Ben and co

Choose one or a range of BRITISH television dramas and present an analysis of how your given topic is represented. It will last at least ten minutes and will include video clips or still images. Please note: a ten minute video clip will not suffice - you want to find specific examples which illustrate your points. Still images are probably easier to deal with.

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