Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Wednesday 18th Cover

There is a lesson, as you wer told. There will be a cover supervisor. A register will be taken. All the resources you need are in the room and the person taking the class knows what you're doing. Below is a summary of the tasks (there are a couple of handouts to help you too, so you need to be in class to get them).

Rumours of the school being shut / there not being a lesson are pure hyperbole.

1)      Sketch a rough layout of all the parts and sides of your digipak. Don’t forget any inserts you might want to include.
2)      Mind map all the information you’d expect to find anywhere in an album.
3)      Design your front cover. Think about image, font, colour…absolutely anything you can to create meaning and create an impression of the artist. REMEMBER YOU ARE CREATING YOUR OWN ARTIST, SONG TITLES AND ALBUM TITLE.
4)      Design your back cover.
5)      Design the inside front cover.
6)      Design any other things you would include (photo pull out of artist / free poster / lyrics booklet / advert for free digital download etc.
HOMEWORK: To produce a detailed plan of every stage of the design of your digipak(s) for Wednesday 1st Feb.

Oh and the website http://digipakicreate.com/?lang=en&id=1 might very well save you some work when you come to make it. Not that I'm advocating an easy route but if you feel you want to use the service to assist you may. They don't design it for you, you just get some tools and some digipaks. It does cost though.

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