Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Partridge facts and Stats

So then, the beginning of a communal case study. 3, 2, 1...go...

01) Advertisers Naked match-maked Fosters and Baby Cow to produce Mid Morning Matters. This could suggest that, following on from the experience with Ford and The Jones' programme, that Baby Cow see the potential for online television.

02) Sponsorship by Fosters (owned by Heineken in the UK) could indicate that they have a specific market and target audience as the content of the show is predominantly male (cast and crew) , with crude female stereotypes.

03) Could create a new revenue stream for comedy, using YouTube and pairings with commercial brands.

04) The five big players in British TV are BBC, C4, ITV, Sky, and UKTV - all of whom have little money to invest in new programmes.

05) The TV market is diminishing, so many programme makers are fighting for the pot from the 5 mains. Competition is higher.

06) Mid Morning Matters makers' hoped to use the site to generate interest but not too much interest in order to then be able to sell it on to one of the Big 5 later, haven already recouped their production costs.

07) Costs are considerably lower. A decade ago - 350k, nowadays 100-300k per 30 mins

08) Mid Morning Matters - 15 episodes of c.15minutes = (125 minutes / 30)x 3000000 = 1,250,000 worst case scenario, best case £416667.

09) First episode 492,000 viewers - by 5th episode 135,000 viewers. Typical C4 new comedy 1.5-2million viewers.

"I've had three requests from broadcasters to buy the show, and we'll pair up the internet programmes to produce six 22 minute episodes." He will then follow up efforts to sell Mid Morning Matters overseas before putting it on to DVD.

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