Thursday, 8 December 2011

Soundtracks - AS Movies Openings

For those wanting music to go over your movie opening check out here:

Music with creative commons licenses

It is vital you do not use copyrighted music over your film opening. The exam board hate it as it is almost always done in a way that infringes copyright.

"But that video underneath uses Candyshop!" Yes, and we had to get Pete of fame to agree it was okay. It was only allowed because at the point the earphones fall out and the sound quality changes it was clear that the music was diegetic and was what the main character was listening to and was a hook to bring the viewer into her world, rather than they'd just decided to play Candyshop over the top. So unless you have a clever reason and way of expressing it that Pete will buy (I think this video was something like only the second or third he'd ever agreed it for, or so my colleague enthused) it is so much safer to go out and find a track you like that works that has a creative commons license.

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