Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A2 Half Term Homework

IN ADDITION TO the need to film footage as a group to recreate a minute extract from a music video of your choice (it doesn;t have to be edited, you can bring the raw footage, that is fine) you must also:

1) ONGOING - Keep blogging about the filming and editing process of your music video. EVERY time you do ANYTHING to do with your musci video, there must be a post about it. The moderator will use this as evidence to award you 20% of your marks for the coursework element (research and planning).

2) ONGOING - Coursework filming must be finished soon. You only have about 2 months to go before you need to move on to the evaluation stage and if you're STILL trying to edit your coursework you will NOT GET DECENT MARKS because you'll just have to submit your first draft - possibly an unfinished draft at that. You've had the cameras for over two months now.

3) Your storyboard MUST be posted to your blog by the end of half term since it this has been ongoing since December (fine to scan it / video it / take photos / be creative like Marissa's plan) and it must be accompanied by a post including a shot by shot explanation of what is going on in each shot. You don't have to write it - a video blog is fine. For each shot consider explaining:
  • What is being shown and why;
  • What shot type is being used and why;
  • What transition will be used between each shot and why;
  • How long each shot will last and why;
  • How it adds to the narrative of the video.
You can also think about:
  • How it will be lit and why;
  • How you have used costume appropriately;
  • How you have used setting appropriately.
The moderator will use this to justify 20% of your coursework mark (research and planning).

4) Your group's YouTube channel must be set up and I need to know what it is called. This will be invaluable for the moderator being able to see your work as it has progressed (and use it as evidence for 20% of your coursework mark (research and planning)) as well as you being able to use it for the evaluation mark (20% of your coursework grade).


As a blog post  (again, can be you videoed talking about it or a Prezi or a PowerPoint presentation or any other way you wish. It doesn't have to be written) choose AT LEAST two music videos from your chosen genre and for each analyse the use of:
  • Camera angles, camera movement and shot type;
  • Editing; and
  • Mise-en-scene (prop, costume, lighting, setting, make up)
in the video.


a) How camera angles have been used to create an egaging video / develp the narrative / position the viewer;
b) What camera angle and movements have been used;
c) What the prominent or main focus of the video is;
d) How editing has been used to create an egaging video / develp the narrative / position the viewer;
e) What transitions have been used and why (such as wipe / fade /dissolve / rapid cutting etc);
f) How mise-en-scene has been used to create an egaging video / develp the narrative / position the viewer
g) What happens in the video;
h) Whether you think it is an effective video.


Discuss how your planned music video is similar or different to the music videos you have just analysed.

If you do it as a video post I'd expect it to be about 10-15 minutes of you talking. Feel free to go longer if you need though!

This will also be very useful for the moderator to see when they come to decide on your research and planning marks (20% of your coursework grade)

ANY PROBLEMS - post a comment!

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