Monday, 20 February 2012

Final Cut Pro Joy

You ask, I answer.

For a useful guide on adding text to FCP then look here

For how to overlay

For how to use colour correction in the advent of Shatter Resistant's unasked for but given anyway access to the big green tick of doom and having watched the Oliver Fox group turn Radhika's hand purple then giggling maniacally: Oh, and some more on adding text: And some more on layering:


  1. The layout is intentionally interesting. In no way is it me being vaguely inept whose attempts at enforcing some order results simply in deleted videos. Oh no. Never. One of you will have to give me a tutorial in how to make a blog not suck.

    1. Holy video size and placement inconsistencies! Curious: how are you embedding these? Make sure you're copying the old embed code through YouTube's "Share" tab, 'tis much easier than using the Blogger thingy. In regards to where they are on the page, I usually just use the HTML view, putting a br or a p tag before and after the video :D

      Come to mention it, I think I remember Bruno talking about the colour correctifying thingy (that IS a technical term, right?), which will be useful for tidying up the lighting from shot-to-shot. Will have to write a post explaining that when we get around to using it.

      (Also, I imagine this is the longest comment so far. What do I win?)

  2. Indeed it is a technical term! First rule of media, add the word thingy with adandon.

    Ah, yep, embed codes. I'm used to using the old embed code on PowerPoint, hadn't thought about it for il Blog. Danke and, further more, schon with an umlaut.

  3. Oh, and you win...this...ummm...can't find anything suitably reward centred and at the same time appropriate to post.

    /round of applause