Monday, 17 October 2011

Good morning, where is your homework?

Right, so, having got you going on your Sennett/Gauntlett work I can now make sure you are all fully aware on what work there is left to do.


1a) Homework set today part one - post your media in the online age term (prosumer etc) revision homeowrk to your blog. Apologies, this was my fault.

1b) Post your findings on Sennett's 'Craftsman' theory and 'Gauntlett's Media Studies 2.0' theory. (see blogpost here)

2) Ongoing expectation - you need to visit and comment on each others' blogs - especially those of the other members of your coursework group. You have loads of planning to do to be able to film your videos so do some of it online so we (and the examiner) can see what you'd been thinking about as you got ready to start filming.

3) Conventions of your chosen genre - detailed post with images and videos. Was due today. Few have been done. SORT IT BY THURSDAY (see blogpost here)!

4) Long Tail - see above. SORT IT BY THURSDAY (see blogpost here)!

5) Your 9 pre-production questions (see blogpost here) need sorting by end of half term holidays / very soon after. Some of you have already started these - good on you!

6) Holidays online write up (useful as an introduction to the level of detail you can go in to and also for a grounding in the way the UK consumer uses online platforms which you can then extrapolate to apply to media studies, potentially). Due as blogpost 1st November.

7) Independent posting - when you read something you find interesting, post a link to it and add your own words explaining what you found interesting / why it is important / analyse it / any pertinent form of writing based on your post.

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