Monday, 17 October 2011

How to...make my blog even better...

The exam board will be looking for blogs to be dynamic and using a range of media technologies. Click in to the new post option and have a look at the options, play around with them.

You can add links with the 'link' function, images with the'insert image' function, and video with 'insert a video'.

If you want to embed word documents I'd suggest setting yourself up a Scribd account and uploading your work there and then embedding it from there into your blog using the embed code. You can do the same with presentations by sett5ing yourself up a slideshare account and doing the same thing.

And, really, check out It is free and you can make really interesting presentations and embed them in to your blogs quite easily.

Any questions, post a comment. All answers will be given as soon as I have ahcance to catch my breath (usually within 72 hours).

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