Monday, 10 October 2011

Pre-production homework

Before you start shooting you will need to have EACH posted 9 individual pieces to your own blogs. Obviously, some of the work may be shared (you don't all have to have done an individual storyboard, you can each post your group's storyboard, for example) but all need to have these 9 posts to be able to show the examiner you have engaged in the pre-production process.

This may also give you something to write about inSection A of your A2 exam if you learn new or develop existing skills.

So, the 9 posts you need to make before shooting starts are:

1) Your shooting schedule and an explanation of how / why you made the decisions you did about filming.

2) A post outlining the roles and responsibilities of each member of the group.

3) A post of images, videos and links to online content which have inspired you in creating the look of your music video. Include some text explaining how each has inspired you and how you envisage it being included/represented/contributing to your video. It doesn't matter if it doesn't in the end, but if you've been inspired then tell us why!  For instance I've just noticed Marissa is looking at the website of someone called John Perez - you can write about him if you wish.

4) Photos of the locations you will use and an accompanying explanation of why you made the choices you did. EXTENSION: what issues do you have to consider in terms of cinematography when filming in each of these locations?

5) Answer these questions where relevant to your music video:
a. What is the video’s theme?
b. What are its mood progressions?
c. What kind of location should each sequence have?
d. What statement should each location make towards the video’s premise?
e. How should each set be lit?
f. What kind of props go with the set?
g. What kind of belongings do the characters keep around them?
h. What kind of clothes does each character wear and what do the clothes
tell us?
i. What colour palette and progression would promote the video’s thematic

6) Post images of the costumes and props you intend to use, accompanied by an explanation of the reasons for your choices.

7) Shooting script questions:

a. What do you need to show to establish environment?
b. When do you show establishing info?
c. When do characters move and how to show movement (follow
character / make shot wider / let character leave frame / show
another character’s eyeline change)
d. If relevant, at each significant moment, whose POV are we sharing - does POV
shift? When / how?
e. What are significant eyelines and when do they change?
f. When / why does the camera move?
g. How can you use composition to show relationships / develop narrative (framing, focal
length, arrangement of characters, etc)?
h. What kind of coverage do you need (critical moments should have
more coverage / more editing options)?

8) Post the floor plans /the final shooting script / final storyboard.

9) Post a list of health and safety issues you have identified and give details about what steps you have taken to minimise these / address them / keep yourselves safe.

No cameras will be handed out until I've seen the whole group have got their blog up to date. will help you.

Might be useful for you too - Latymer school's Media youtube site.

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