Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Mapping Social Media / The Long Tail / Homework

An interesting post from xkcd equating social media use with geographical land mass. I particularly enjoyed the idea of the 'Sea of Flame' and the tiny country of 'World of Warcraft'. Incidentally, you may want to investigate further 'Blizzcon' and how Blizzard Entertainment have used online media to promote, host and allow remote access to a traditionally 'meatspace' event. How have they exploited the online nature of their clientele?

And if your interested in seeing more of the case studies / companies work from today's 4th period, click here.

a) For those of you have yet to post their 'Long Tail' findings you need to get that posted by next Monday. The three prompts were: what is the long tail? What can it be used for? Why is it important for the media / in the online age? You might want to check out the numerous case studies of Amazon's marketing of Touching the Void to help.

b) EVERYONE in addition to the nine pre-production projects read this pdf and answer the following question - How do people in the UK use online sources to search for holdiays? Due: as blogpost by 1st November. The pdf is 37 pages long so there is alot of information in there so I think a minimum of 1000 words is needed to have a fair stab at answering this fully. This is stuff you can use in Section B potentilly, so your efforts may well be rewarded come exam time when a question pops up and you can go 'oh, all that stuff I learnt about holdiays!'

BUT I DON'T KNOW HOW TO STRUCTURE IT! Look at the contents page - that might help.

Remember the exam board are looking for your blogs to be dynamic so, if you can, start embedding links / videos / presentations / prezis to create vibrant and exciting blogs.

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