Thursday, 12 July 2012

Arrangements for Sports Day

If you are interested in being part of the team filming sports day here are the requirements:

  • Bring your camera.
  • Bring some work to be getting on with in down time.

We need to film and take photos throughout the day of as many different events as possible, from as many different angles as possible. I have a timetable of events and will send you off to various locations to get footage. We want as much high quality footage as possible.

We will be based in the Mac room.

I will need two people in the Mac room at all times (starting from 10am on a rota basis if you like) taking the footage as it is filmed, copying it all across to the Mac and selecting the best footage we have into a bin ready for editing.

This will be edited together into a montage as the day progresses to some music (below, chosen by PE - we don't have to use the whole length of either track) into a short film ready for an event Wednesday evening. I will, of course, also weigh in on the editing so nobody has to feel they have to stay extra long or do stuff to it on Tuesday if their efforts are best directed elsewhere. But on Monday we need to be a well-oiled team.

If you're interested in taking part (something extra for UCAS!) please come along to room 55 around 8:30 - 8:40 for a briefing.
Should be a fun day.

You'll get ID badges.


Tracks for PE


  1. Replies
    1. I know! Thought that'd be the thing which hooked people. They may even contain the phrase 'access all areas' if I get carried away tomorrow whilst designing them.

    2. Hooray! ID badges are fabulous. You know us too well.

    3. There isn't anyone in the world whose soul is not up for sale inexchange for a nattily designed ID badge.

      Dunno what all this fuss is about them at national level...

      /wry mode off

    4. Haha, I don't understand all the fuss either. You get ID badges and ID badges are cool. Doesn't matter that the government would basically own you. You'd have a cool ID badge.

    5. One of the manifesto pledges of the comedian Mark Thomas from the last election was that all people in favour of ID cards on the basis that it only matters if you've got something to hide should be banned from having curtains.

  2. I'm in!

    [I'll give you the creative artistic license to give me an interesting job title]

    1. Something involving the word 'wrangler'...

    2. Hmmmm... liking it.

      On a more productive note (what's this!? Productivity, in MY comment!?) I've got the stills for the static version of the storyboard captured; annotating/commenting on them can be my thing to do on Mon.

  3. ID badges will be selected at random on Monday, bar the one or two people on editing duty (rota will probably be best so everyone gets some time in the war / shade depending on the weather) who get to wear a badge proclaiming themselves to be an 'Edit Monkey'.