Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Hip Hop Conventions...

...homework was due in today. I've seen evidence of 4.

Thanks to those who are on top of the work.

Not really leaving me much space to go here are you, the rest of you?

Almost as if you're daring me.

I'll warn you now, it has been equated to being savaged by a Yorkshire Terrier - way more distressing than you thought and also quite embarrassing as something so seemingly harmless and tiny has just ruined your trousers and left you cowering in the corner.

When I wake up tomorrow I shall expect to see 10 as-close-as-the-agreed-extensions-allow completed blogs or for you to have seen me during the day to explain the delays and arrange an extension. If I'm not in 55 I'll be in the English Office. If you can't find me, ask one of the department.

Any missing posts will then be chased in a more formal manner.

Your one minute extract analysis is due on Thursday too remember. For those of you who still haven't done theirs and have not had the courtesy to speak to me, that'll be interesting.

For the two who have had technical extensions and the one who has had an organisation extension I'll be prepared to be generous since this task was reliant on the first task not having run into troubled waters. That leaves 4 or 5 of you in need of a dramatic and sudden upturn in completion.

1x empty blog
1x no blog set up
1x might as well be empty blog
1x missing all main posts
4x missing one minute extracts not covered by the above (of which 3 are arranged extensions).

10 in the class, 8 on the list of which 5 are not expected delays.

50% behind without permission.

Not very impressive.


  1. I'm up to four videos with this now, so I hope to have this up -very soon-. Today I wanted to focus on getting the lip-sync done purely because I had a chance to film, so I wanted to take advantage of that. That's in a few days early, so I'm kind of doing this out of order. My apologies, this is far from ideal - though I'm hoping to be back on schedule with this soon.

    I have a couple of frees tomorrow as I don't have an IT lesson to my knowledge, so I can implement your suggestions for the Great Escape animatic post then. Thanks for the feedback on that :)

    1. But you've arranged your extension and there is clear development of your blog to give me some proficient and excellent evidence already so you really don;t have to apologise (really, you don't and you have, about 8 times, stop it! You're clearly conscientious and getting on with it).

      Making sure you're caught up as quickly as you can will mean you hit the Summer holiday tasks running.

      Good luck!

    2. Eh, sorry about that (*shot*) - I just hate being that guy who's living off of excuses so I feel the need to compulsively tell you whenever I get something done. Because paranoia.

    3. It is appreciated, you just don't have to beat yourself up so much!

    4. I do, because if I don't, no-one else will! Everyone I know is too nice, so I have go into overdrive to bring the atmosphere down to a comfortable level :D

      I've updated the Temporary Veterinary post as per your suggestions.

      I also found this which is HUGELY INTERESTING. http://www.mediaknowall.com/as_alevel/Music/music.php?pageID=popstar

    5. Cool cool.

      Ah, yes, doing that next week

  2. Hip-hop post is done. Hazaah. I will need a bit of help in regards to intertextual references, however; I am far too uncultured for this stuff...