Monday, 9 July 2012


Will be a series of 1-2-1 interviews with each candidate to assess thee current state of each blog.

You will be able to use the time to catch up on missing posts / crack on with posts due over the summer / do some independent audience research with your camera / extension tasks / using feedback to improve existing posts.

Completion of tasks rate: 44%

Should be 100%.


  1. Am getting there! [finally]

    In other news it's great to see that you're still alive - after no sign of you Thursday, absolutely nothing on here over the weekend and me not bumping into you today I wasn't too sure... Good to know you're feeling better.

    Will the Mac room be available tomorrow either 1/2/4? I got the Sheena gear imported during a free on Thursday, but the rendering after adjusting the speed wanted to take longer than what I had available at the time.

    1. Indeed it will be.

      Did you not get any cover set on Thursday when I was off?

    2. Nope - which has been becoming a recurring trend as of late...

    3. Bah! I set it at 6am that day after I'd phoned in to say I was sick. Did you all at least use the time to crack on with the tasks you'd already got?

  2. Music videos:
    Kanye West: Touch the sky
    Jay-Z: 99 problems
    Carly Ray Jepsen: Call me maybe
    Busted: Year 3000
    Gotye: Somebody I used to know
    Eminem: Just lose it


    1. Have had to do it as a separate post, above. Have added the label Jacob to it in case you miss it.

    2. Leave us a comment once you've grabbed them all and I'll delete the post. Cheers.