Wednesday, 4 July 2012

TV in the Online Age

Alan Sugar's YouView


  1. So basically you pay three hundred quid for something you can do on iPlayer/ITV Player/4OD etc. for free?

  2. I don't understand why this is a product. Like Harry said, surely you can just go online and watch that stuff for free? And Channel 4 have just launched the fourseven channel that's catch up anyway?

    Poor Alan.

  3. Also (more complaining!) this whole reliance on streaming is becoming a new pet hate of mine. From a concept point of view it might sound great being able to stream something from a choice of thousands of programmes, until you remember that such a tasks needs a reliable connection; something which a lot of areas in the UK just don't have (Cheshunt included).

    A few years ago there was a big deal made about how technological advances like wi-fi and TV packages allow for uses of different appliances (remember those posters of the cutout houses with someone using a laptop in one room, kids playing a videogame in another with people watching TV downstairs?), however relying on streaming for everything in the current state internet access is at renders all this as impossible. Say I'm trying to upload a 5 minute video on the computer upstairs - that means they'll be a good 45-90 minutes where no-one in the house will be able to stream TV on this thing, simply because my connection isn't fast enough to cater simultaneous uploading/downloading.

    tl;dr streaming technology is terrible because it doesn't work.