Saturday, 30 June 2012

Album Artwork

Light-hearted relief in a bit of passive agressivism on my part (angry at delayed posts, oh here's something funny, angry at missing posts, oh look a kitten)  but this is about album artwork so worth sharing.

A couple are rude. There are breasts. And the authenticity of a couple is debatable. Though some definitely are genuine.

Bad album covers

I like 'All My Friends Are Dead' but mainly because it reminds me of my old Medulla Nocte t-shirt for the song 'All Our Friends Are Dead' which featured a picture of a dead body having its face being eaten by a crow and which is intentionally worn on inappropriate occasions. There's four of us who have decided whoever dies last gets cremated in it. Fun.

More bad album covers on The Guardian. Some duplication.

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  1. These are hilariously awesome.

    There was a brilliant one I saw a while back which I can't seem to find now, which looked like an MS Paint job by a ten year old. With a JPG'd photo of some guy and several badly cropped stock photos of turds. I'm not joking.