Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Lip Sync

Appearing here will be my lip syncing video. It is not intended to be a perfect piece in the slightest. It is a model for you to far, far exceed. It has some (*many*) intentional lapses. Interested in seeing how many you can spot.

Future of the Left, Polymers Are Forever. Filmed with the kind assistance of Mr E, Mr N, Mr S and several members of 7SAR.


Questions to consider:

1) What needs to be done to make the sync more effective?
2) What issues did I cause myself by filming it on 4 different types of camera?
3) How can you tell that there were also different camera operators?
4) Which section is most effectively executed and why/how?
5) Which section has the best idea rather than just being a close up shot of someone's face singing?
6) When you do your lip sync montage, how will you make sure your piece is way better than my humble offering?
7) How long do you think I spent filming? How long will you need to spend?
8) How long do you think it took me to edit it? How long will you need to spend to make something far better?

3+ songs of your choice in groups, lip synced by you and edited together into a 2-3 minute clip. DUE 12TH JULY.

None of your answers are allowed to include reference to getting beaten up by a chair.


  1. "None of your answers are allowed to include reference to getting beaten up by a chair."

    Why not?

    1. Yeah, yeah, I asked for that!

      Well, it can do, but only as a throwaway line in your head accounting for .01% of your entire thoughts on the questions because it is the obvious answer and I want you to stay on a more Media-based focus rather than a 'Ha ha, man fall over' focus!

    2. *looks for sound effects which would make that part even more hilarious* Do you think it needs a 'crash' or a 'boing'? *shot*

      If it's taking a long time to upload for me it sometimes helps to boot up the final export from FCP/camera etc. in MPEG Streamclip and export it using the "Export to MPEG-4" thing on default settings. Might be worth trying in future.

      On another note I found this music video a few minutes ago - - and it instantly seemed like the kind of thing you'd get angry about, given your outbreak re:Brokencyde :P

  2. Oddly no anger, just a deafening boredom for the first 90 seconds which no amount of black leather could atone for. Quite mild in the rubbish stakes...unless I missed something crucial. Maybe it is less obvious than BC13's horrendousness. A task for tomorrow lunchtime methinks.

    1. It doesn't meet the extremes of the Brokencyde... erm, music, I was referring more to your 'dey objectifying wimmen' with the fairly graphic lyrics tied with what GodlessAtheist1 on YouTube mentioned "Dear god another music video with slutty chics". But eh.

      Also considering none of those questions seem to prompt us to look for it, I'm guessing you've overlooked how your beard is at a different length in each shot. Continuity, what is this!?

      Do you want these answered in a blog post?

    2. You can do if you wish, though mainly they're thus just things or you to consider for when you do your lip sync montages.