Monday, 25 June 2012

Useful examples of digipak ideas

What are the codes and conventions of a digipak?
  1. What are the features of a digipak?
  2. What information is included in a digipak? Where? Why?
  3. How is information is conveyed in a digipak?
  4. How is the artist presented? Why?
  5. Are there any intertextual links? Why?
  6. How is colour used effectively?
  7. How are written codes used effectively?
  8. How big are they?
  9. What materials are or could be used?
  10. What is the overall purpose of a digipak (other than to store a CD safely)?

Remember, I don't just share top band work with you. I will share a range of approaches and a range of levels of detail so you can identify what is succesful and why.

Examples of templates
Example of a blog post
Another example blog
Broken Records

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