Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I Am The Least of Your Music Video Problems - Day 3


The embed code off Rolling Stone is not one Blogspot likes, it seems. Sad face.

UPDATE: Interesting, it appears to have embedded. Didn't appear to have worked when I checked in the 'compose' tab. Apologies about size of video.

FURTHER UPDATE: Interesting that Walmart are sponsoring something advertised by Slash given their usual treatment of any artist that might not be considered completely pure or innocent.

This is 'I Am the Least of Your Problems' by Future of the Left. I hope to be getting the album for Fathers' Day, incidentally, oh dear wife who is looking over my shoulder as I type. You'll let my daughter know? That's great but we're not using her university account to fund my obsession, you'd better buy it for her to give to me.

The lyrics are here.

Far less wordy this time. This time it is just a 'things I like about it' post.


Sideburns. We know this.

The use of the flashing light in the main character's eyeballs at the start.

Black and white. Not usually a massive fan, but works really well in this video to create the mood.

Strobe lights. I have asked to buy some for you for next year by the way.

The way the faces change in time with the strobing, especially Jack the drummer's unmasked/masked face. Really good.

Crazed smile at 1:30

Cutting between band members, matching the eye positions c.1:55

Julia throwing / punching / doing something aggressive at the camera c. 2:35


The zoom into the eyeball to show going into his head...

The wide shots of the whole band performing c 0:53. It seems to undercut the pace of the piece, decreasing the intensity they've tried to create through everything else, whilst the one's at 1:24 seem to work fine.

The fact I recognise the actor in it and can't work out who he is.

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