Friday, 29 June 2012


All deadlines still apply, even if you missed the lesson unless you come to me and discuss the need for an extended deadline. 'But I wasn't in the lesson, how am I supposed to know the homework?' Because it is on my blog and has been since each piece was set. And you should be on here regularly checking back on the work and using it as a resource to do independent study.
If you want a recap on everything that is due in then use the label 'Homework' (linked there for your convenience).

Those of you who are up to speed or have arranged the extensions with me, you can stop reading (45% of posts - not counting those a-least-fortnightly independent posts I want - a minority). If you're behind in terms of homework or attendance I suggest you read on very carefully. (though I suspect that if you've read this post then the first comment probably applies to you... /sigh)

You may very well pick up from the tone of the following that I am getting concerned about the manner in which some of you have approached the start of the A2 course. Because I am. Because it is your marks that I can see slipping away from you if this is not nipped in the bud immediately.

You all have the mark schemes - both hard copy and on here. You know what you've got to do..


What is particularly galling is that even though you know your AS blogs are currently being moderated and know that at AS the moderator is the Chief Examiner who may very well be using this blog as a means of getting to your work that the notion that you are on public display here and there is clear evidence of your commitment to the course for the whole world to see doesn't seem to have still equated for some of you with your potential final mark.

See, it isn't a case of me being able to (or even willing to) fudge things. I will give you the mark I think you deserve. And it will be accurate. Yes, I want you to do as well as possible. I'm not going to just award marks to make ourselves look good. Imagine if someone who has worked much harder than you doesn't get their uni place because I've given you higher marks than you deserve? Now imagine it is you who misses out on a uni place because of some ridiculous marking? Your job is to make me give you as many marks as possible. To do this, the work needs to be completed on time.




Myself, your form tutors and, if the deadlines slip any further, your parents are going to be all over you for the next few weeks as I am concerned that things have slipped from the very first deadline for a lot of you in terms of deadlines being met / collaborative learning / organisation.

To reiterate an earlier post, if you're falling behind already you will HAVE to get back on track as soon as possible as otherwise you are psychologically and habitually setting yourself up to consistently deliver me work at level 2.

If you're stuck, I'm online most evenings if you can't find me during the day and will be on pretty much daily over the summer so if you need a hand - POST SO! I will help.

I am not a mind reader but I am reasonable. But if I don't KNOW you need a extension or some help, just not doing it is not going to get a positive response from me. Telling me, finding me, showing me you're on it will always get you a positive response. Break these habits. Realise that you're at A2 now. Think how much better you want to do at A2. Think what you need to do that.

The bar is being raised.

I can only show you how to clear it. Getting over it is up to you.

If it gets to it we can start micromanaging it and making you post the blogging equivalents of phone calls home to let me know you're okay and say that by x-o'clock every y-day you have to post a comment on z-post confirming you've at least logged in to your blog. But I don't want to treat you like children, because this is meant to be getting you ready for uni. Your professors aren't going to be doing this. They'll set a deadline, you don't hit it, you'll be getting a 3rd most places. Certainly what my department's policy was when I was a philosophy seminar leader. Didn't meet the deadline and didn't even ask for one? There's your deserve more...why ever do you think that?


  1. And your first round of blog assessment has been completed for each candidate. There are some good, some getting there, some limited and some non-existent. Which would've made a better title for a Western.

  2. I think I can safely put myself in the 'limited' category. This is not good. I need to sort this out this weekend.

    re: Hip-hop conventions, am I supposed to be analysing individual videos and picking out things which meet the points in Goodwin's theory, and then closing with "all the videos seem to have [features] in common, so the conventions of hip-hop videos appear to be ..." or going over it some other way?

    re: Lip-sync video, what sort of standard is this supposed to meet? Is it meant to be a single run-through of several songs cut together for the sake of lip-sync practice, or edited as something more similar to an actual video?

    Thanks :D

  3. Actually you're selling yourself short. Quite, quite short. Have a look at the mark scheme as you post and think what would make this excellent (think theorists / terminology / detail /critical stance).

    1) Up to you - you can take it video by video (and pick out specific bits since you have to include 6...doing a full analysis of 6 woud be an insanely harsh task), or just pick out the most pertinent features of each and divide it into the categories. Whatever works for you.Both have their pros and cons, I think dividing it into categories and going 'close ups in video 1,3,5 and 6', voyeurism in videos 2,3 and 6' etc will help create a more thorough piece. But that might just be because of the way my brain works.

    2) Focus on showing the skills you have in lip sync primarily, not after a full blown music video. Hadn't considered it as being anything other than a run through of a song. In terms of creativity, be as creative as you want but the main focus is just to et you thinking about what you need to do to make sure the sync of the lips is apparent to the viewer and effective.

    Do those answers make sense?

    1. Oh, and to hit excellent also as you post think 'what focus(es) of the mark scheme is this task helping me meet? What focus(es) am I providing evidence against in that point I've just made?' if that helps.

      Though, remember, even if you're not sure what criteria has been explicitly hit it doesn't mean you're wrong / it is irrelevant. You may have a really good idea you want to make which shows you to be a well-rounded candidate but which isn't obviously mark scheme fodder. This is in no way a bad thing.

    2. 1) Thinking that picking out bits of each video to analyse one at a time sounds a little easier, just to avoid confusing myself (after all, there are only two types of hip-hop, being "bad" and "hilariously bad"). Will be able to use lists/links/pictures to satisfy the INTERACTIVE MEDIA thing that way as well.

      2) I have skills in lip sync other than doing so when I'm supposed to be a mute blue man? Oh wait, OF COURSE I have skills in lip sync... :P I'm not sure what songs to do yet, but will probably end up showing my -slight- Crush 40 obsession by going with Sonic Youth...

  4. Update as to where I'm at (I believe this is necessary because of how long I'm taking to get stuff done as I'm still playing catch-up from the last few weeks...)

    - Animatic: nearly done, just a few more bits to do. Hope to finish during the week. Will retrospectively draw the storyboard because I've been needing to visualise the video with the music to know what works. Once the thing is finished the paper storyboard won't take long.
    - Sheena recreation: I've had a go at speeding it up here and it seems to go at about the right speed; will need to tinker around in FCP to see how would be best to go about creating the jump effects. I have a couple of ideas, but I need to test them in practice.
    - Lip-sync: Hasn't happened yet. Can happen as soon as I get the house/empty space to myself to film without having people getting in the way. This should be soon.
    - Hip-hop post: In progress, have got two videos analysed, have decided to call it a day now because I'm losing my trail of thought.
    - Independent posts: One is in drafts at the moment re: the formulaic formulas we were talking about on Thursday. Will finish off once I think of more things to say.

    1. All good to hear. Appreciate the effort you've gone to to catch up and keep me in the loop (I can even use this blog post as evidence to justify your final time management mark come April/May next year), especially since some of the delays were caused by isues in other subjects which have had knock ons to other things.