Tuesday, 19 June 2012


We obviously haven't started looking at the 'Media in the Online Age' question of the A2 exam as, well, it is a year away. But here is an interesting article. Read, independently. The more independent knowledge you can get about how the internet impacts on the main platforms the better your answer.

Rather than sending in a load of candidates who write the same thing, I like to send in candidates who write different things, because they've approached the course with intelligence and open-mindedness and developed the skills we're meant to be developing in you. Imagine you're an examiner who has read 60 answers near identical and then they get yours. Not a single one the same, not even close. You smile. You think 'someone's actually wanting to do this properly rather than filling them up to scrape the marks' and, lo and behold, the marks come flowing in. Or, if they don't, in rare cases this does happen, it is an accurate reflection of the grade you should have got.

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