Monday, 25 June 2012

Your FIRST one minute extract


As a blog post (not an essay remember - keep it lively, inventive, original, and laden with technical terminology and expressed as formally as possible please!) DUE 5TH JULY you now need to take your first attempt at a one minute extract and evaluate how successful it was, consider what you have learnt and identify elements of this process which you might try to include / definitely won't be including in your coursework.

Your post should include consideration of the following areas using media terminology:

  • Cinematography;
  • Editing;
  • Sound;
  • Mise-en-scene;
  • Lighting;
  • Direction;
  • Organisation of location(s);
  • Organisation of cast;
  • Organisation of props;
  • What you found easy, based upon how you have developed as a Media student since AS;
  • What skills / areas in general you think you need to improve on,  based on your skills set developed at AS;
  • What elements of this video you are now considering including in your own music video (if any) and why;
  • What elements of this video do you think will not feature at all in your music video (if any) and why;
  • Overall, evaluate how successful your first attempt at a one minute extract is and why;
  • Overall, what are the five most important things you gained from this exercise.

(If you did this as a PowerPoint, for example, this would be 15 - 30 slides or as a Prezi at least 15 sections).


You now get to choose (completely free choice) a music video (if you have a preferred genre for your final coursework piece, or a likely genre, choose one that fits!) to recreate a one minute extract of it.


This time I want it as near perfect as possible. That means everything (within reason, no need for plastic surgery for example) must replicate as exactly as humanly possible the extract you are recreating. Everything. As close as possible. No fudging this time. The first attempt was a training exercise to get you thinking and using FCP quicker and identifying techniques you might want to use in your piece (every one had a specific genre element or interesting effect to it). This one is to be able to show a high level of technical competence.

You must produce and upload to your blog:
  1. The footage itself;
  2. Behind the scenes footage of you preparing the shoot; and
  3. A director's commentary (either text or recorded sound) of the final extract, using the stems provided for the analysis of the first minute extract. This time add an extra question - how is this minute extract better than your first minute extract and why?
Extract edited together first week back after the summer.


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