Saturday, 16 June 2012

DAY SIX - Delayed

YouTube (and now Google Image Search..oh and Blogger...whhhhhyyyy? Have 5 bar connection. Booo!) is not playing fair with me and I am sulking.

I also have a forehead that resembles a battlefield after engaging in a spot of staff room brawling with a chair whilst making resources for YOU LOT. Therefore I blame YOU ALL* for my current predicament. Because I can.  (footage available once I've edited it together for your general amusement and/or derision).

Have a great weekend. Get working on the storyboards, animatics and one minute extracts. And if you've got all that done, use my blog post to get cracking on the hip hop conventions piece. Oh, and tell me your new blog addresses! So far I know Hannah, Harry, Jess and Sarah's.

* Unfair, you scream? Unwarranted, you assert? Uncalled-for, you opine? I'm mildly concussed, I can say what I like. Tintinabular codswollop. Minimal arboretum. Discharge corpulesence. Aviary rapscallion.



  1. You let the chair have all the fun, even though I offered to punch you the other week? NO FAIR. Or was the chair fight for "medical purposes" too? :P

    In slightly more relevant news, I've just booted up Photoshop on the other computer so I can put some stock art together to be able to work on the animatic on Tuesday.

  2. Good news indeed.

    The chair deserved it.