Thursday, 17 May 2012

AS into A2 Research and Planning Begins!

The full details of both of the tasks and the actual tracks and the lyrics can be found here.
We can use these tasks as part of your evidence base for R&P at A2.

The breakdown of the tasks is as follows:

TASK ONE - The individual storyboard and animatic of the track with a brand new band, track title, album title DUE ON BLOG JUNE 19TH

Track One - We Are Scientists - Harry M
Track Two - Interpol - Beritan
Track Three - A Perfect Circle - Joe A
Track Four - Terrorvision - Ben A
Track Five - Portishead - Jenay F
Track Six - Mansun - Aimee F
Track Seven - The Divine Comedy - Jacob B
Track Eight - The National - Umut N
Track Nine - Mr Scruff - Sarah B
Track Ten - The Mystery Jets - Hannah W
Track Eleven - Midfield General - Jess F
Track Twelve - Mclusky - Luke W

TASK TWO - ONE MINUTE EXTRACT - In your group (or by yourself if that is how you decided to go) use the track you bid for (or if you weren't here, the track you have been given) and recreate as faithfully and accurately shot-for-shot a minute extract. It can be any continuous minute of footage from the original promo, you don't have to go from the very start. If you need to feel free to fudge it and get creative. I'm interested in your problem solving here. DUE ON BLOGS JUNE 26TH

Ok Go - A Million Ways - Sarah B and Hannah W
Nirvana - In Bloom - Jess F
Daphne and Celeste - Oooh, Stick You - Ben A and Jacob B
Future of the Left - Sheena is a T-Shirt Salesman - Harry
White Town - Your Woman - Beritan T and Jenay F
FatBoySlim - Weapon of Choice - Aimee B and Luke W
REM - Stand - Umut and Joe

And a note on lessons:

THURSDAY 17TH MAY (today) - period 5 only.
TUESDAY 22ND MAY - CAM room for editing if you need it or home revision for exams
THURSDAY 24TH MAY - period 5 only. Period 6 home revision or CAM room.
TUESDAY 29TH MAY - CAM room for editing if you need it or home revision for exams
THURSDAY 31STMAY - period 5 only. Period 6 home revision or CAM room.

The first week back will be in the CAM room on 12th and 14th of June for final editing of your one minute extracts and storyboard anima. No other class time will be offered. So you need to be ORGANISED with your filming and editing. Don't leave it to the last minute. These are your first pieces of research and planning evidence for A2. Make them shiny.


  1. What is the deadline for our entire blog?


    Started having a little tinker. I can tell already this is going to be a pain to get organised...

    1. This is, essentially, the A2 version of your AS prelim. Only we don't have to do them (and you won't get marks for perfection) but it gets you to dip your toe into the world of music videos and, maybe, develop a technique you want to use in your coursework.

      There will be another minute extract task in a month or so once your research is under way so you can start looking specifically at certain genres.