Thursday, 24 May 2012

Audience Research

Take to Tumblr, take to Twitter, grab your cameras, inundate people with questionnaires...find out all you can.
Data generated by, but not blogged about (that'll come later), 28TH JUNE.
·         Age
·         Gender
·         Ethnicity
·         Education
·         Occupation
·         Marital status
·         UK Tribe on YouTube UK Tribes, the website, fiind your tribe quiz is here*.
·         Audience category –mainstreamer / aspirer etc.
·         Habits
·         Interests
·         Favourite music video of all time and why?
·         How? – technological proliferation, online exhibition, TV.
·         Where – home / school / socially / outside
·         Why do they consume it in this way?
·         Amount – how long do they spend watching music videos?
·         Institutions used (and find out about the institution)
·         Prefer – genre, sub-genre, artists, (narrative/performance/conceptual), prominence of actual artist, SFX, mode of address (serious / tongue in cheek etc), specific directors that they feel produce good videos
·         Expect – A good track, entertained / interesting (gratification theory), cinematography, tone / atmosphere matches, editing for pace, fit conventions of the genre of music video, matching of lyrics to content, synchronicity, representation, costume, lighting, dance routines,  colour… (many more)
·         Find annoying – (likely to be informed by all the above)

* I'm a...

Not a massive Green Day fan, it has to be said. These were much better. "My life has been a breach of contract and faith". As were the mighty Drowningman. Ah, if only there were a video for 'This Year's Most Fashionable Sign of Wekness' or 'Last Week's Minutes from the Meeting of the Secret Society of Friends Who Actually Hate You'. Shame.


  1. I want to get a new blog set up soon but I can't think of anything interesting to call it. Nothing will ever be as unintentionally awesome as averymediaoutbreak but I'd still rather call it something interesting as opposed to My Generic Media Blog #24052012. Any ideas? :D

    On a slightly more relevant note - Sir, do you think analysing my personal tastes in music videos would be useful for this? Whilst I am a person I know as per what you said earlier, I do worry about the risk of it turning into another "I hate x because y" posts...

  2. Go ahead! There'll be a veritable raft, a bevvy, of posts to complete so you as an individual are perfectly admissible in addition to all the other stuff I'll be getting you to do (as I said, I want 20/20 R&P form as many of you as I can). It'll make for an interesting independent post and is useful practice for thinking about yourself as a media student in prep for section a of the A2 exam. Go ferrit.

    Names for blogs? Actually quite like your suggestion. It is suitably of your sense of humour. I am bad at giving things titles, as evidenced below...

    I can also suggest:

    1) My attemptatcreatingana2mediablogwiththelongesttitleintheworldcameacropperwhenthedogatemydictionary

    2) The Only Media Blog in the World with the Word 'Jelly' in the Title

    3) Black Tie Knife Fight

    4) Auteur-nate Reality

    5) I Am Better Than Michel Gondry and, Furthermore, Challenge Him to a Fight

    6) Boo! The Media Mind of Mr M

    7) (a randomly generated South/Central American demon's name) Didn't Do Media Studies Because He/She was (insert whatever the demon is famed for, like eating babies or something).

    8) None of the above.

  3. 2) - already been done :P

    8) - already taken.

    Went with - I could tell you the particularly obscure reference there, but I'd find it much more satisfying to have you searching for it /beingdifficult

    Will get on with actual work for it soon; though I have a Sociology exam tomorrow so I'm going to get on with some more revision for that for the time being :D

    1. You shall not beat me!

    2. Not going to lie, I wasn't expecting it to come up on the first page of Google, but eh. That song is hilariously terrible.

      I'm genuinely curious as to how you've managed to mess up the embed like this...

    3. Basically the mosher embed code off the site is incomplete, but not just missing the closing bracket, there's something else missing from the end and I don;t know what it is so just used my rudimentary understadning of how to make html basically work and retired happy in the knowledge that, aside from skills in Paint, I am entirely self taught. My school had ten of these when I did my GCSEs:

      I have a Hampshire Schools' Certificate in ICT after my school forgot to enter me for the ICT GCSE. And one for Latin as well for the same reason.

    4. So in short, you got fed up with it and shoved it in the corner? *shot*

      Not going to lie, most of my understanding of computers is self-taught - and I must say I was pretty relieved when I started the ICT GCSE under the sudden realisation that it's actually socially acceptable to know this stuff, as opposed to just being something I've wasted my time doing for the last few years...

      How long does it take to render a video on the Archimedes?

    5. Yep, and now when I go in to the edit function it won't bring up the scroll bar to take me beyond the middle bit of the post so can't get down to alter my horrific spelling.

      The Archimedes only took about 10 minutes to load 'Lemmings' so I assume rendering would have been a doddle.

      Hoe did the exam go today?

    6. Massive thumbs. 'How'

    7. Epic typo is epic.

      Not too sure to be honest; felt better than the other Sociology exam, but that's not saying much. The questions which came up felt unusually cushty, with the exception of the methods question which involved analysing the advantages of official stats (I am much better at finding flaws with things!).

      Ah well, will just see what happens :D

  4. Or 'weakness' as is should say above. Managed to stuff up the html and now can't go back in and edit the post. Silly moshing sausage.