Monday, 7 May 2012

The end is in sight...keep going...

Obviously Year 12 are neck deep in work at the minute but if you're finding motivation a little low, why not hop over to here for a quick look at what you'll be doing the first lesson back after your Media exam? Hopefully it'll enthuse you.

Don't spend too long on it though, you'll want to be focussing on your blogs and revision.

The minute the AS exam is over we will begin the A2 course. Absolutely everything we do will be either:

  • work that counts towards 20 research and planning marks
  • work that counts towards 60 coursework marks
  • work that counts towards 20 evaluation marks (well, no, that'll wait until the first 80 are all secured)
  • work that counts towards 100 exam marks.
You really want to hit the ground running.

Obviously there'll still be exams going on so, in terms of homework, tasks will have nice long deadlines. I'll check your exam timetables with you when we return so I don't schedule anything for a day you're all in an exam or something stupid like that.


  1. Fun.

    Apologies for the slow output today, apparently despite me making a point of saying that I have tons of work to do, others in the family thought it'd be a stellar opportunity to make a family visit! (Where's my RAAAAAAGE tag when I need it?).

    So yeah, I'm behind. Surprise surprise. Am going to settle down for a bit and then start doing the note-taking you suggested for the representation question...

    1. I had a similar experience today involving Certain People insisting on calling us on Skype to, essentially, babble and occasionally say something racist.

      Enjoy working hard.