Tuesday, 8 May 2012

AS Revision Activities

Aside form using everything on this blog, repeatedly, you mean? And the Audiences and Institutions pack?



Choose a short extract from a recent British TV drama and write an essay analysing the rpepresentation of one of the following groups of your choic with reference to:
  • cinemtaography;
  • editing;
  • sound;
  • mise-en-scene
Remeber to refer to theorists and theoretical language as well, and don't waste time on a flowery introduction.

Pete, the Chief Examiner, says introductions don't often afford candidates many opportunities for marks so feel free to omit an introduction if you so choose. HOWEVER, I have seen some great introductions in the past where candidates have managed to establish a clear focus and provide a theoretical grounding to their answer in just a few sentences and gone on to absolutely storm it.

Some candidates also find an introduction helps them get their ideas in order. Up to you. Whatever works for you as individuals. This spec is all about YOU and finding the best ways for YOU to express yourselves. It is one of the reasons OCR are so popular and respected. It is a really good spec.


Use the past papers and try to answer the questions.
Create mind maps for all the planned answers you've got.
Go over your plans.
Use everything with the label audiences and institutions on this blog.
have a look at the Wikipedia entry for your chosen case studeis - how could you improve it? What information do YOU now that they haven't included in the Wiki entry. (WARNING: if you also go with 'what is on Wikipedia I didn;t know', be prepared to have some of it turn out to be palpably false).

Want to do an audiences and institutions practice question and have me mark it? Hand in to me by end of day Friday.

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