Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Blog Tidied

With the coursework component complete for all and the AS group having just fininshed their exam, I have reverted to draft all the related posts. All that is remaining are posts on Media in the Online Age and a few on music videos.


  1. Drafting? Methinks an "archive" tag would work better because then you still have more posts. And remember, the higher your post count, the better person you are.

    Also thought you might appreciate this -


    1. I'll sort out archiving at a later point.

      Cheers for the link! Ah, the paper that supported Hitler.

      Have to admit I found this bit ("Chile under Augusto Pinochet was actually freer than Britain under Labour") really rather chilling having had a Chilean kid appear in my class in the early 1980's who no longer had any male relatives after visits from the CNI following this bloke


      importing free market economics wholesale to Chile as a fun experiment to a) see what would happen and b) prove money is brill and safe. All ably supported by the US and the UK. Nice one us. Go team!

      If you get bored, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy by Greg Palast is a good read.

      Obviously all views are valid, I'm not indoctrinating you, this is extension and interesting and the role of an educator and people disagreeing is part of the joy of having intelligent people to teach and the world would be boring if we all though the same and I'll never tell anyone they're wrong. Unless they're factually wrong like 'iTunes is an example of dog food in the offline age' or 'Spotify is also the name of an embarrassing illness' or similar.

    2. It's a fair comment on your part, even generalised; we are far from perfect ourselves and have historically got away with plenty of things we shouldn't have. Possibly because we're generally too busy picking apart problems we find with the way other countries are run (which often aren't that big of a deal in the context of the local culture).

      The common corruptions are purely down to the way in which there's no perfect way to run a country. Dictatorships don't work on the basis that giving a single person too much power can only end in disaster; whilst our current democracy runs the high risk of two complete planks outvoting one genius. But I digress.

      Spotify may not be the name of an embarrassing illness but it can lead to an awkward mixture of bewilderment and frustration in regards to how annoying and occasionally bizarre some of the adverts are. No mate, it wasn't that you weren't there for that Joe guy, it's that he should have been looking where he was going before crossing the road.

      Spotify's a great concept; but thanks to the limits they put on a while back (I presume down to pressure from labels) I no longer see it as a viable platform. I know that there's the subscription thing, I'm just not a fan of paying for things I don't actually own!

      (Where was I going with this again? :P)