Thursday, 3 May 2012

Getting round the annoyance of Slideshare and related things

So, you've done your presentation, but the sharing site you've used has arbitrarily decided to remove backgrounds / delete animations / obscure your text by rearranging your slides?

There is a solution.

It is a little time consuming, but a solution nonetheless.

If you follow these steps if you encounter rpoblems with Slideshare etc, this will save you a lot aof heartache and stress.

1.Open up your PowerPoint
2. Click 'file'
3. Click on 'save and send'
4. Then click on 'create a video', as illustrated by this handy image...
5. This screen will appear:

6. Change the length of the animation duration as also shown in this image, carefully rendered and photoshopped to within an inch its life as it is. 
7. Then click on the 'create a video' button and follow the usual instructions for saving things.

8. You can then use the 'insert video' button on your blog (see picture) to upload a version of your PowerPoint which will hopefully not have received an random editing from other websites.

9. It can take a little while to upload, but it'll work.

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