Monday, 21 May 2012

Section 1 Exam

view - note: replace references to what their candidtaes did with 'music video' and what you did at AS

Another overview - exclude slides 12, 14 - 21

Useful for theorists, as always - ignore anything that is about magazines etc

Todorov's Narrative theory


  1. Hello Sir sorry I couldn't make your lesson today I have been studying the whole weekend for my History exam and I overslept :(. Could you give me any links or bullet points on the exam prep that you did?

    1. Sure thing Amina. Using the links above go over:

      Todorov's Narrative theory
      Levi-Strauss' Binary Oppositions
      de Saussure's sign/signification
      BArthes enigma codes.

      Using these and the video (which I will post a link to in a second) write an answer applying narrative theories to your music video.

      There is a blog post setting the tast out abouve, but will post the link to that too in a second.

    2. Copy and paste these (below) into a new tab for all you may possibly crave. Apologies for the typos - about two months ago I lost the ability to type. Spooky.