Thursday, 24 May 2012

Boy Band

Here it is. The Latymer lads' awesome boy band video. Been trying to find it for ages.

Go on, who is fancying creating their own boy band?

We have the black space, we have the lights, we'll have sufficient cameras and tripods come September and I'm going to ask if I can buy a smoke machine...could be a fun one....


  1. I would say this looks really authentic for the whole boy band appeal... then I realised that this was from two years ago, and if it was realistic we'd have seen at least a couple of them showing up in terrible reality programmes by now.

    1. He he. Such is the way of all boy band flesh. Seriously, if anyone is fancying a bright lights and goodness video let me know as I'm going to have to have a sit down with the Head and tell him how much of the school's budget I think should be handed over to me to use as my personal playground fund...I mean...develop the curriculum and if there is a desire I will ask; supported with video evidence.

      Oh, while we're here, you might all like to check out Boy, Interrupted - I Kissed a Boy which was from the same centre and it won awards. There's a draft version out there with all the continuity errors too which I can't find but worth looking for to test your observation skills. It contains some rude words though so, arch rebel though I am, not going to post it in an attempt to at least retain an air of professionalism.