Monday, 14 May 2012


Good morning.

Working on your blogs has killed me. Slight exaggeration, but the blooming mass of pills they've got me on to fix me has pole-axed my immune system and am currently very, very phlegmy. It is not pleasant.

But fear not, for here is the cover work! Hooray!

It builds on your existing knowledge and will form a part of the following lesson on week Wednesday (23rd May).

Yes, you are expected in.


Blog admin Now is your chance to go through your blog and check:

1) All the labels you'd want are there and you've got a Labels gadget on your blog (go Dashboard --> Design --> Add Gadget --> Labels);
2) Every title of every post is completely clear;
3) Delete any random posts which are blank or just a couple of words becuase you never actually got around to finishing them.


Create a post, as clearly and effectively laid out as you can, summing up what you have done (imagine it is the first post the moderator will see) in terms of research, coursework and evaluation.  Just a paragraph.

The post should also contain:

  1. An explanation of what you have done this year for your coursework;
  2. Hyperlinks (create them in the posting template using the Link button) taking people to all the content you have labelled as 'Research and Planning' , 'Evaluation' and 'Ancillary' as well as your YouTube channel.

Using the ideas here as a STARTING point create your own detailed presentation on MUSIC in the online age. This must be completed for WEDNESDAY 23RD MAY. Your presentation should include:
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Clear and detailed reference to AT LEAST three different music industry institutions;
  • How have online media developed? (change from the past)
  • What has been the impact of the internet on media production? (does it allow more people to produce their own media? what effect has it had on mainstream media?)
  • How is consumer behaviour and audience response transformed by online media, in relation to the past? (audiences and the difference the internet has made)
  • To what extent has convergence transformed the media? (technology's impact- mobile devices, tv online, etc)
  • Contain loads of technical terms such as interactivity and connectivity to, literally, name but two;
  • Include clear and detailed reference to AT LEAST two theorists;
  • The past;
  • The present; and
  • The future.
Don't just sit there. Get cracking. Also, for extra ideas, if you go on to my blog and use the label gadget to filter all the posts down to just the ones I have labelled 'Media in the Online Age' you should get quite a bit of material there to help you.

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