Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A little early but still concerning

So your 'Music in the Online Age' presentations are due in p3 tomorrow on your blogs. At the moment I can see 4. One of which is on 'Media in the Online Age' rather than 'Music in the Online Age' but that might just be an extra piece of independent thinking so am not worrying too much yet. The ones I have seen are very promising. Using your research you'll be 'we-thinking' tomorrow for an hour with reference to the essays you did and collaboratively planning an essay response which you'll then...yep...have an hour to write it in.

Because I'm nice.

Which leaves 7 (possibly 8) unaccounted for. I'm sure they'll all be present and correct by 11:05 tomorrow morning, of course. Just a gentle nudge if yours isn't up yet and you've forgotten about it. I'll be expecting to see 11 completely different ones; really hope there hasn't been too much group work going on. Because sometimes 'group work' turns into 'one person did it, then I copied the embed code' really easily.

See you in Room 81a (the 6th form computer suite*), p3.

*Yes, I do keep mentioning it, as that has now been explicitly stated 3 times. It'll show me who reads the blog regularly.

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